2013- Top 10 Hollywood headlines

We covered Bollywood, and now it is on to Hollywood/music/celebrity headlines!

1) Miley Cyrus grabs headlines


Miley Cyrus made sure she was on the papers- break up with Liam Hemsworth, twerking, singing about Molly, wrecking ball and all.  Her performance with Robin Thicke was a shocker- foam finger, bump and grind routine and all. PR genius or mid life crisis? We will find out more in 2014.

2)  Kardhashian separation, divorce, and proposal


In 2013, we saw Kim get divorced after her 72 day marriage, have a baby, and saw some scenes hinting trouble in Khloe Lamar’s world. The papers have given a preview for the 2014 season- Kim gets her body back, Kanye proposes to Kim, Bruce and Kris get separated (anyone surprised?)  Khloe files for divorce, and Scott seems to have started drinking again. Aah, what would E!,  Star and People do without the Kardashians?

3) Justin Bieber crawls downward

Justin Beiber

Hello meltdown! From teenage sensation to train wreck, Justin Beiber seems to be slipping fast- drug charges, falling pants, fight with paparazzi, monkeys, hitting bars while still being underage (he is still 19), there seems to be no good news. How far will he go in 2014? Did he really retire?

4) Jennifer Aniston news- wedding, breakup, pregnancy

Jen Aniston

Like most years, Jennifer Aniston ruled the headlines: will she marry fiance Justin? Is she pregnant? Did they just break up? All we know for sure is there is a new Jennifer Aniston haircut!

5) There is a new America sweetheart- Jennifer Lawrence

Jen Lawrene

From falling on the way to picking up her Oscar, to ruling the fashion best dressed list, 2013 was Jennifer Lawrence’s year. She had some of the top movies for the year- Silver Lining’s Playbook, Hunger Games, and now American Hustle.

6) Beyonce rocked a new album


Beyonce changed the way entertainment worked by releasing her album on iTunes and announcing via Instagram. No press tours, no interviews, no over the top antics- class all the way! Pop royalty shows the way!

7) Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones break up

michael douglas and catherine

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones supported each other through cancer and bipolar disorder and looked bullet proof. They shocked the world with their separation announcement, but rumor mills are buzzing with stories about reconciliation.

8) Twilight golden couple break up

Robert Kristin

Kristin Stewart rocked headlines with her affair with married director Rupert Sanders, what is more shocking- she has one of the most gorgeous actors as boyfriend. The couple got back together for a brief time, before splitting up for good and Twihards the world over were shattered!

9) Hotties romance report- Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio, Adam Levine

adam levine

Maroon 5 hottie Adam Levine- engaged to Behati Prinsloo!

goerge clooney

George Clooney- single! He broke up with Stacy Keibler


Leonardo Di Caprio- dating a model but seen with other girls too!


Bradley Cooper- dating model Suki Waterhouse

10) Simon Cowell to become a dad?

simon cowell

Simon Cowell was always the shocker at American Idol, but he made news with his new relationship update- he is expecting a child with his good friend’s wife. Magazines had him pegged to be the next Hugh Hefner!

If you lived under a rock, this is all you will need to know about the entertainment headlines… Which news rocked your world? Add your comments below.

Happy New Year!


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