Golden Globes 2014 Fashion Lowdown

This is the start of another exciting award season- my favorite time of the year, where I can dream about being thin, fabulous and fitting into these glamorous gowns!

The Golden Globes was a big disappointment- there weren’t many WOW looks, a lot of the gowns looked like gowns we have seen before. There were a lot of colors- from bold reds, to canary yellows…

Here are some of the best looks!


Amy Adams (Source: Getty Images)

Winner Amy Adams looked stunning in this two toned Valentino gown with plunging neckline. I love her, she is one of the biggest stars of 2013- Amy seems to be in every movie! Go Amy!


Cate Blanchett (Source: Getty Images)

Another winner, Blue Jasmine star Cate Blanchett wore a gorgeous black Armani Prive gown. I loved the lacy details of the gown, and the backless style really suited Cate. What I am more obsessed about is the green diamond Chopard earrings- such class!


Julianne Marguiles (Source: Getty Images)

I am obsessed with Good Wife and Julianne Marguiles- the show gets better and better with time. But I digress- I loved Julianne Marguiles’s gown. I love the black and gold concept gown by Andrew Gn- this gown got mixed reactions, but I really loved it!


Margot Robbie (Source: Getty Images)

The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie stunned in this V neck cream Gucci gown- it is hard color to look good in, but she really rocked the look!


Kate Beckinsale (Source: Getty Images)

Kate Beckinsale looked stunning in this Zuhaid Murad gown- I feel like I have seen her in metallics in other award seasons, but hey if the look works then why not!


Amber Heard (Source: Getty Images)

Sexy starlet Amber Heard rocked this navy blue Versace gown, showing the world her stunning legs. I am not a fan of the messy hair raising bouffant- too messy!

And here are some of the worst looks!

Sandra Bullock (Source: Getty Images)

Sandra Bullock (Source: Getty Images)

Gravity star and fan favorite Sandra Bullock wore a black, pink, and blue Prabal Gurung gown. The gown was all wrong- too many colors, not the right fit- it just did not work for her.

Julia Roberts (Source: Getty Images)

Julia Roberts (Source: Getty Images)

I was really looking forward to Julia Roberts’ return to award season- and her first look was a total disappointment. Her black and white Dolce and Gabbana gown looked more like a waitress outfit from the top.


Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Getty Images)

My last award season favorite was a complete and utter disappointment in this white Dior gown. The gown looked more like a trash bag that was held together with two awkward belts. Sigh!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Paula Patton (Source: Getty Images)

Another fashionable star that disappointed was Paula Patton- the cream gown with huge ruffle embellishments completely enveloped her sexy figure.

Kaley Cuoco (Source: Getty Images)

Kaley Cuoco (Source: Getty Images)

I love Kaley Cuoco and I love the concept of a floral gown but looking at her in this Rani Zakhem gown made me realize that floral prints almost always resemble curtains!

Zoe Saldana (Source: Getty Images)

Zoe Saldana (Source: Getty Images)

I am very torn about Zoe Saldana’s Prabal Gurung gown- I love it on top, but with the shoulder straps, detailed in the bottom, and other embellishment, there is way too much going on. Such a pity too! I watched Prabal Gurung win Project Runway- I am a huge fan!

Do you agree with my picks? Hit the comments section below with your views


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