How I met your Mother finale- my reaction!


When you watch a show over many seasons, the finale has to cover everything in the most cohesive way- in my world, the only show that achieved that is Friends. I watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother since it aired- from the first time Ted looked at Robin, to their break up, to his almost wedding with Stella, to Marshall’s heartbreak when his dad died, all the way till Barney proposed to Robin. I even watched the over-stretched last season but the finale left me feeling awful!

SPOILER ALERT- If you haven’t watched the finale, don’t read any further. This is a rant on everything wrong with the finale!

Here is why:

  1. How I Met your mother? By the time we got to the finale, Ted dated every single woman in New York City, got his heart broken by Robin a hundred times and finally got together with the one person left! Ted was a romantic, and I expected something incredible out of the story. And he finally meets the Mom and she dies?!? We spend 208 episodes to get to the point where he finally got to meet the mother, see a 45 second montage of their life together, only to know she dies in the same episode- what a waste!! The blogs called it early on it the season, but I cannot believe the twist- so sad! We met and said goodbye to the mother- the elusive 6th member of the cast in the matter of 1 hour!
  2. More like How I got together with Robin- From the first episode, Ted fell in love with Robin, then out and then back in and then out again. So when they showed Ted finally over Robin and moving on, it showed growth and maturity. Only to find out, in 20 years he holds a blue french horn outside her window while she is at home with her many dogs.
  3. Barney and Robin get divorced- Barney and Robin’s kooky love story was sweet- they were similar, and swore off marriage but somehow decided to marry each other. The entire season was leading up to the wedding, and after they got over their cold feet and finally got married in the episode before the finale, it looked like it was for good! But the finale shattered that in 10 minutes, over work and wifi issues and I was devastated.
  4. The group disintegrating- The 9 seasons showed the gang as a tight circle of friends- sometimes co-dependent (the episodes with Kevin come to mind). They handled Ted and Robin breaking up, Lily and Marshall breaking up, and Robin and Barney breaking up. But somehow when Barney and Robin divorced, there was no sign of Robin. Not cool!
  5. No real growth for the rest- Lily and Marshall have babies, Marshall becomes a judge- no big story here. In the span of an hour, Barney is a mature married guy, then became the same old perv who hit on every girl at the bar and wrote the playbook, and then there is a hint of some transition for Barney after he has a baby, but we can’t be too sure! Their stories didn’t seem to have a strong ending.

I fell madly in love with the first season and it slowly but surely faded away, until the last season really disappointed everyone. But I while I may hate the finale, but I will miss the catch phrases, the outfits, the playbook- it is all over!

It is the end of an era, and barring the last season and the finale, it was LEGEN-(wait for it)-DARY!


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