American advertising trends!

I will be honest- I love watching tv! And more than my shows, I love commercials- I laugh with them and when they are annoying, I sometimes yell back at them. But over the years, there are a few advertisement themes you will notice regardless of the channel:

1) Fast food all day

All day you will see advertisements with zoomed in pictures of burgers, pizzas, and pastas. Terrible for those of us trying to be on a diet- we eat salads while we see images of delicious pizza- oh the cruelty!

2) We always need a new ride

“First in class in gas mileage”, “top safety pick”, or “symbol of luxury”- words you will be bombarded all day. The car companies, car dealerships try to grab our attention all day with new deals everyday.

3) Medicine power

Let’s talk about the medicine commercials. This was a huge culture shock to me- in my world, doctors prescribed medicines once they figured out your condition. In the United States, pharmacy companies show us what their medicine can do and ask us to talk to the doctor to prescribe it- life in reverse!! And the commercial has 1 minute of what it can do and 4 minutes of all the side effects and they range from minor and end with coma or death. Oh wow, that really makes the case! Let me call right now!

4) Lawyers are the best salesman!

Another culture shock was the lawyer commercials- I haven’t seen something like this in India, Singapore, or London! The lawyers make even better salesmen as they make a case about how you should file a case- accidents, medical malpractice- they cover it all. And boy their tunes are so catchy!

5) Insure everything!

From Flo from Progressive to the talking pig and lizard in Geico, there are tons of people trying to convince you to insure everything from houses to cars to boats and motorcycles.

Share your views below!


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