Golden Globes 2015 Fashion Fails

Amal Alamuddin (Source: Getty Images)

Amal Alamuddin (Source: Getty Images)

I was really excited to see Amal Alamuddin’s red carpet debut- all her outfits through her romance and wedding to George Clooney were absolutely spectacular so I expected her outfits to be incredible. Amal’s gown is Dior Couture- it looks great on her but the real issue is we expected more. And the gloves did not fit- they just didn’t fit- maybe she was channeling Audrey Hepburn but didn’t work. Sorry Amal- but come on, you are better than that!

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington (Source: Getty Images)

I am a Scandal fan, more specifically, Olivia Pope fashion fan. So with this red carpet outfit designed by Mary Katrantzou, Kerry Washington has really let me down. When they first showed the top, I was excited- fitted top, interesting color- but the flare at the bottom and style is so matronly.

Guliana Rancic (Source: Getty Images)

Giuliana Rancic (Source: Getty Images)

There are so many things wrong with this picture- Giuliana Rancic what happened to you? Firstly, she has become too skinny- eat a cheeseburger woman! There is too much blonde, too much tan going on. Giuliana in this fishtail Maria Lucia Hohan gown is all wrong.

Jennifer Aniston (Source: Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston (Source: Getty Images)

It’s a big year for Jennifer Aniston with Cake being nominated. She wore a pretty black number by Saint Laurent- the gown was just OK- it doesn’t look great on top. And the reason it made it to my fails list is the tacky $5 earrings. Come on! You are going to a red carpet event, especially one that you are nominated for- bring your A game!

Tina Fey (Source: Getty Images)

Tina Fey (Source: Getty Images)

Host for the evening Tina Fey had wardrobe changes planned, but her first outfit was a disappointment. This white/ black number by Antonio Berardi looks awkward and strange- it is on trend with the structure, but this is one of the examples of fashion victim.

Claire Danes (Source: Getty Images)

Claire Danes (Source: Getty Images)

Claire Danes is frumpy and boring in this Valentino gown.

Rosamund Pike (Source: Getty Images)

Rosamund Pike (Source: Getty Images)

Rosamund Pike chose this risque Vera Wang gown- the fitting is all wrong. I know she is proud of getting her body back 5 weeks after giving birth, but choose a better dress to flaunt!

Hit me back with your views! 🙂


2 comments on “Golden Globes 2015 Fashion Fails

  1. I was on with Amal, sans the gloves. The rest I agree. Would throw Keira knightley in the mix too. And you need a category besides Best and worst, like “Meh”. I have a whole bunch of suggestions for that one:)

    • I agree- but it was such a plain black gown. Amal’s wedding trousseau was spectacular- the night before the wedding she looked like perfection in the Alexander McQueen gown. So this was just a bit Meh dress!

      Totally agree with Kiera Knightley… apparently that dress is like 60,000-70,000$- talk about enormous waste of money…

      I agree- lots of the dresses were so meh!

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