The New York Winter Experience!

I have lived in New York for 5 years- each New York winter is brutal on it’s own, especially for someone who grew up in the Indian summer. Then add the nor’easter and winter storms, which are peppered throughout the long cold winter.

When you move here, you notice people fall into familiar patterns of behavior when they hear about the storm. I was surprised when I was initiated to the process, but I can honestly say I am not a pro!

So I decided in the interest of society, I will write a short step by step instruction on surviving the East Coast winter storms (* Disclaimer: This is a funny, almost sarcastic survival guide, so don’t take it too seriously!*)

  • The Weather Updates: It always starts the same way- the weather channel shows us a complicated map with many colors, and there is a new name- Sandy, Juno, Irene. It becomes a breaking news/ storm alert- you see wind speeds, accumulation and the stress builds.
Exhibit A: Colorful scary map

Exhibit A: Colorful scary map

  • The stocking up game: The next thing you do is prepare for groceries- you have to make sure you are stocked up. This doesn’t just apply to things you actually need, you suddenly feel the world will lose all the good stuff you love, so you pile on things like ice cream, that cookie you know is loaded in sugar and haven’t eaten in 10 years, and Lays, the list goes on. You stand in line for an hour, but hey, a bag of Lays is totally worth the wait! Making my point on stocking for perceived essentials: this article (Daily Mail article: surge in lingerie sales) shows in New York the sales of lingerie was up 500%- apparently lingerie is what you need to keep warm in a blizzard- who knew!
Exhibit B: Empty Grocery Shelf

Exhibit B: Empty Grocery Shelf

  • Planning for cabin fever: When there is the calm before storm, you start planning for your “work from home” day- you pick your Netflix shows to catch up on. Then there is a panic- what if there is no power? So you keep charging your phone and laptop, you find books to read. For the single and ready to mingle, there is always Craigslist to find blizzard buddies (Article on Blizzard Buddies)!


  • The social media overload: As the winter blizzard starts, you get ready for Facebook status update explosion I am guilty of that too!) and the snowy Instagram posts. It seems super cute for a while, until you get sick of it. Almost as sick of the pictures, as you would be of the storm itself!
Exhibit 3: The Instagram Explosion Expecations

Exhibit 4: The Instagram Explosion Expectations

  • Enjoying the snow: After monitoring the weather updates and tackling the cabin fever, there is finally some fun to look forward to- making snowman, throwing snowballs, skiing! So put on your coats, your hat, gloves, and boots, and get ready for some snow mania!

Exhibit 5: A snow mountain at your disposal!

What’s in your blizzard survival kit? Share your thoughts below!


8 comments on “The New York Winter Experience!

  1. My blizzard survival kit includes bacon, chocolate chips, a small brown mule, one axe, seven acorns, a diesel powered razorback hog, four gorillas, an octopus, Ted Danson, a flashlight, one bottle of water, some squid pellets, a tusk stump, and a trumpet.

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