How life in London is different from New York

After 3 months in London, here is a list of 25 things that I found to be different:

  1. No guns!
  2. Police don’t carry guns either.
  3. You find pubs, parks, and curry shops in every street.
  4. You can drink in public in London!
  5. Manicures cost a fortune.
  6. Seamless has a much smaller list.
  7. You get hot food at grocery stores.
  8. Buses and trains are newer and way better connected.
  9. Subway is the path across a busy street from under the road, not the underground train!
  10. Apart from driving on the other side, streets are much smaller making driving a challenge.
  11. You hear more languages than you would in New York.
  12. Everyone seems to have traveled more than you- the average English Londoner has more stamps on their passport.
  13. Everything closes early on Sunday.
  14. Chips are french fries, and chips are crisps here!
  15. There are no closets!
  16. A lot of apartments have separate hot and cold water faucets.
  17. There a lot of period houses- older houses have terrible windows so sound proof doesn’t exist.
  18. Most showers have half doors and no curtains so high risk of spillage.
  19. Everything is smaller- from refrigerators to groceries.
  20. None of your electronics would work- either spend a ton on converters or just get new ones!
  21. Outlets have switches, something very different from US.
  22. Gardening is a national hobby, however small your garden is!
  23. People are always ready for the rain- umbrella, boots, the works.
  24. There is one bathroom feature I now adore: towel warmers.
  25. There is no “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” equivalent- you have to get bed. bath, and beyond in separate stores! Similarly, there is a Boots pharmacy, Superdrug for cosmetics, but there is no Duane Reade.

If you found other things, share your observations in the comments!


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