My Top 5 New York memories

After a long hiatus, I am back in blogging- big changes! We picked our bags, and hopped across the pond to London. After all the chaos has settled, I am so excited to be blogging again.

I was thinking about my top 5 places of New York- the snapshot that comes up when you think of the city…. If you head to New York, here is my one day list of must sees- the places the tourist books don’t cover!

And here is my list (pictures taken by me, with some Instagram love):

  • Waterfront and skyline views
Skyline view

Skyline view

Walking along the Hudson river is so incredible- tall buildings in every direction… Whether you are on the Jersey side or Manhattan, the views are one of the most unique in the world…

  • High Line Park
Highline Park

Highline Park

One of the most unique places in New York is Highline Park- an abandoned railway line that is converted to a park. What I love is the unique views- water, city landscape, and the most unique art. This billboard is one of my favorite spots on the Park.

  • Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Central Park is the must see park in every guide book, but Washington Square Park is the hidden gem! Just off the busy West Village neighborhood, you are suddenly transported to a world with live music, art exhibits, and people escaping their busy lives…

  • City Hall Park
City Hall Park

City Hall Park

This isn’t a hugely popular park, but tucked between busy downtown buildings is a little park covered in flowers and with this gorgeous fountain. It is my little spot of sanity in the middle of crazy!

  • Frying Pan
Frying Pan

Frying Pan

Frying Pan is my favorite bar- an old boat that is docked on Hudson river. It is the best summer spot- rocking on the boat on a warm summer day is incredible! My only complaint is now that it is on all the travel magazines, there is a line to get in… I miss the days when it was on a hidden gem…


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