A Bath Weekend to remember!

Almost 8 years ago I visited the city of Bath over a summer afternoon, and I remembered it as a picturesque town but I didn’t really explore it all that much. I just went around the town square and loved it.

So when we were thinking of a weekend getaway, I decided Bath would be the destination- so I could really explore the city. The city of Bath is a UNESCO heritage site, the site where the Romans built the spa Aquae Solis in the 1st century AD. The entire city seems to be made of the same golden colored stone, adding to the allure.

Here is my attempt at taking you through the main highlights of Bath (pictures are mine with a bit of help from Instagram):

Parade Gardens

Parade Gardens

In the city center is the beautiful parade gardens, with River Avon flowing through it.

City center

City center

One of my favorite places was the town center- walking around the cobbled streets listening to local artists and walking into small boutique stores.

Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent

One of the most spectacular and picturesque places I have seen in Bath is the Royal Crescent designed between 1767 and 1774. The crescent has 30 houses with the front facade being totally symmetrical and uniform.

Ha-Ha in front of Royal Crescent

Lawn in front of Royal Crescent

Here is another view of the royal crescent- with the wonderful green lawn looking into Royal Victoria Park.

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

In the middle of the city center is Bath Abbey, built in 7th century.


Roman Baths

And finally- to the highlight of Bath: the Roman Baths- set against the background of the abbey.

The original spa structure

The original spa structure

The Roman Baths were built 1st century AD, and their ruins were only discovered in 1879.


Bath Springs

The Roman Baths used water from a natural hot spring: the Romans believed the water was blessed by Goddess Minerva.

Goddess Minerva Gold Head

Goddess Minerva Gold Head

The Baths was not just a part of their cleansing routine, there was a spiritual aspect as well. The Baths have a temple for Goddess Minerva- the gilded gold head of Minerva was discovered.

If only we could live a day like the Romans, hanging out in hot springs and enjoying a relaxing Bath! 🙂


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