Hola Barcelona

Hi everyone

I escaped to sunny Barcelona from grey rainy London over the Easter holidays. Everyone I talked to prior to the trip said Barcelona was their favorite city, and you can see why on day 1- the sun, the people, the vibe of the city. There is something for everyone here- the Gothic quarters, Sangrada Familia, Parc Guell, tapas and sangria… the list goes on!

I have to say while I adored and loved Barcelona, I have to say for someone on their babymoon, I couldn’t indulge in a few things Barcelona was famous for: the bars and nightlife, sangria, and it was still a bit too cold for the beach. So this post is the more pregnant friendly activities in Barcelona: walking around the city, eating tapas, and just relaxing! 🙂

Here are some of my pictures:


Hubby enjoying the first sangria of the trip!


Some gems around Gothic quarters


St. Mary of the sea- amazing tall ceilings


Cathedral of Barcelona


Swans at Cathedral of Barcelona


Parc Guell


The grand Sangrada Familia- expected to complete construction in 2026, a full 150 years labour of love


The apse at Sangrada Familia


The incredible stain glass windows at Sangrada Familia


The gorgeous ceilings with tree columns at Sangrada Familia


An orange tree in Spanish Village (Poblo Espanyol)


Poblo Espanyol has buildings styled by each region- some reviews found it touristy, but we loved it!


Flamenco at the Andalusian part of Poblo Espanyol

I hope you enjoyed this slice of Barcelona- please share your comments!


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