Ciao Italy with a bambino! 

Our first family vacation- lots of nerves and hope went into or holiday, and a world of planning. And the result was a dream holiday- relaxing and happy! 

We picked southern Italy, bringing my old hollywood Italian riviera dreams to life! Based on research, we realized the coast is a bit impractical with a buggy and our bubba was not into the sling. We set up base in Sorrento, which is just between Naples and the coast. The coast is pretty crazy in the summer, so we got lucky with timing- spring was the beginning of the tourist season and we still got lots of sunshine. 

Italy is absolutely the best place to visit with a baby- everyone seems to love babies, our bubba was the center of attention with people cooing and appreciating. Most restaurants have high chair and they go out of their way to entertain the baby.

While most blogs advise you not to rent a car, we did rent one. Driving around Amalfi coast is stressful- the streets are narrow and there are cars parked in one side, people are impatient and fast.  Having said that, hubby didn’t mind because the spectacular views were well worth it. Also it was the convinient choice with a bubba- we didn’t have a plan, we would drive till she was happy and when she got restless, we would stop and walk around that town or village.

Our tip on traveling with a baby would be to not really have an agenda and work on the baby schedule. We started our day with a leisurely breakfast and walk, then nap in car, a stroll around and lunch at the town we stopped at as bubba got impatient, drive back and nap when baby got restless, play time at home and a relaxed dinner. We initially talked about going to Pompeii and Capri but realized it’s not practical with a 8 month old. 

We enjoyed driving around the coast, stopping at Priano, Amalfi, and Atriani. We didn’t spend too much time researching but Sorrento, but that turned out to be our favorite- the land of limoncello, we enjoyed walks with a view of Mount Vesuvius and Naples, the blue sea, lush greenery, and the mountains; the tiny marker streets with amazing restaurants and cute stores; the cute street train ride around town. 

Having said that, we did see a lot of amazing places, and here are some of our favorite pictures (all pictures are my own, shot on iPhone):

Positano in all its vertical glory

The view from one of the overlook points- great place to get fresh juice and produce

The view from our lunch spot in Priano (the lovely Restaurant in Costa Diva, amazing food and service)

My lunch table at the lovely Costa Diva

Marina Grande in Sorrento

The omnipresent lemon trees

Narrow streets of Sorrento, full of food and magic!

beautiful church in Sorrento

Spectacular architecture detail

Another Sorrento picture 🙂


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