The 5 people you meet in a fitness class

Found on google images 🙂

After the little one has started nursery, I am slowly and adventurously moving from post natal exercises to other classes. From tum and bum to Pilates to yin yoga, I have learnt a lot about my body, fitness, and personalities. In navigating this world of Lycra, I have noticed a few people that seem to represent a typical group fitness class:

  1. The kale smoothie drinking perfectionist– you know the type, in their fabulous Fabetlics and Sweaty Betty leggings and crop top, they look like they don’t need the class to begin with. And ladies and gentlemen, do not stand around this person and exercise, you will look like the bumbling idiot. 
  2. The bumbling idiot– speaking of bumbling idiots, it’s someone like me, who hasn’t done a lot of high intensity in years thanks to surgeries and babies, and came in thinking I can swing this. Your hand isn’t where it should be, the poor instructor tries to position you but you end up turning your hip anyways and missing the point on the posture. It’s for those people that the instructors now have to offer levels for every posture.
  3. The friends who come in pairs/ groups – there is always a clique that comes together, with adjoining mats, who have their inside jokes. Part of you hates them for it while the other part feels excluded. 
  4. The “I am too busy for this class” kind– there is that person whose phone will ring, even though there are million signs saying no phones. In one of my classes, the woman had a long discussion with ocado customer service about product substitutions 
  5. The person who had a crappy day– I recall this one encounter where this person clearly had a crappy day and showed attitude to everyone in the room. I walked into a class and the mats were spread out and there was no room at the ends so I figured I could create some room for me while the aforementioned clique had their secret meeting in the corner. The second I touched a bright pink mat, I heard a voice saying I don’t like anyone touching my mat. I apologized and wondered what the fuss was about. Through the class, this lady complained to a guy that he obstructed the view, to the instructors that she dumbed the class down too much, tripped on a bag on her way out and cursed outta a poor meditating woman. We all have those days but there is always that one who uses the class to vent their frustration on the world.

That’s all my observations, feel free to chime in below on yours 🙂 namaste!

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