One month as an editor!

After a brief hiatus, I am back! And what a ride the last few months have been! Before I get to my post, lets catch up on the last few months. After my bubba turned one, I decided not to return to work and was searching for a new role which gave me more flexibility when I found out I was pregnant again. I decided to put my job search on pause and focus on having the baby before heading back, and then life threw me a curve ball and I miscarried. I took a while to process that, and I realised I don’t want to go back to my finance world. I wanted to do more but I wasn’t sure how. I was nervous about how I could do it all, and just then I chanced upon a post wrote by the editor of Clapham Mums who wanted someone to takeover her site as editor. I wrote to her on a whim- I had no real plan. The decision wasn’t easy- I was a world away and I had no idea what I am signing up for but something inside me felt it was ok. For someone who gets nervous, this decision was a completely calm one for me; I didn’t try to get anyone’s input and followed my gut.

Cut to now, after a month on the job, it’s been an amazing journey. The universe works in mysterious ways! The role has all the aspects I love- community, writing, working with people with the challenge of being your own boss. I want to share some learnings for me:

  • I miss structure- being my own boss meant no bosses, targets, or how to guides. I had some help from the Great British mums, who I nagged incessantly. I am learning to appreciate that sometimes things are messy and without a blueprint, and that’s fine.
  • Generating business takes hustle- I heard the term used a lot in RHOBH by Lisa Rinna for all the Bravo fans out there, didn’t get it then but I do now. It takes a lot of effort to generate every £1 of revenue- in my case it takes calls, emails, chasing for responses, writing, social media.
  • I got to meet amazing women- the world of mumtrepreneurs is inspiring, there are so many women running innovative businesses. Some as a primary career, others as a secondary one after family and they have the passion and drive to run their own business. There is a supportive community of these mumtrepreneurs- I found they didn’t haggle with you because they recognise you are self employed just like them (I was surprised at how much harder it was with bigger companies given their bureaucracy).
  • There are so many pieces to the business, and between childcare constraints, life admin, every free minute goes to work. It’s great but i miss my lie on the couch after a long day and watch reality TV time.
  • I missed the support of a large company, so I could leverage the knowledge and expertise of my colleagues, or call my IT help desk to give me how to help, or not have to pay for stationery and postage- all things I never thought about while working in a big company, but suddenly seem important now! 🙂

So there you have my first month realisations about being self employed- I am sure there will be more. What were your realisations?

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