Welcome to my blog! I blog about random things, from travel to fashion, from movie reviews to rants on my bad days, to quotes that inspire me.
A bit about me
– I am a Bombay girl, born and bred.
– Vagabond lifestyle- from Bombay to Singapore, New York, and currently London…..
– I love Economics.
– Music is my passion, I listen to everything, from jazz to hip-hop, to Hindi music.
– I love reading, Shantaram is my favorite book ever! It has suspense, love story, mafia, my city all rolled in one!

What will you read about here?

  • My view on current news and affairs- I try and read news and magazines, to keep up with current events. When some story speaks to me, I write about my views but I do avoid politics and religion. I am open to other views and discussions, because I recognize that our life experiences shape our views and different views would only broaden my mind.
  • Pictures and travelogue- I love to travel, and though I am still at novice level in travel, I enjoy sharing my pictures and experience.
  • Fashion- I would like to think I am Joan Rivers, and I list my favorite looks from award seasons. I also love to share my shoe conquests!
  • Book and movie reviews- I am not the most frequent reviewer, but when a book or movie is either excellent or terrible, I write about it.

Thanks for reading!


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