Living Art by DesignRevolver (via )

The post I am re-blogging is a really amazing concept, It is the first time I am reading about living art. Gonna try it, and update you all about my results!

Living Art by DesignRevolver I decided to make some living wall art with succulents as promised. This time around was more of an experiment to see how it could be done. I have compiled a step by step instruction as to how I made my own living art box to hang on a wall. As a note, I made this prototype with the concept of making more with better materials. I have a slew of ideas and creations, but I wanted to get a better grasp on how easy it is to build them. So, here are my … Read More


The Beautiful City of Bath – Part 2 (via Nick Kontou Photography)

Bath is one of my favorite cities ever, I haven’t seen it in 4-5 years.
This blog brings back memories of the beautiful city, and these pictures capture the magic of Bath.

The Beautiful City of Bath - Part 2 Here are some more images from our recent visit to Bath and the surrounding area. I work most weekends so it is always nice to get away when we can – even though I always take my camera with me! Personal shoots are a great way of keeping my photography fresh and they also give me ideas for shots that I can incorporate into my portrait and wedding shoots. Some of you may recognise Lacock Abbey which was featured in the Harry Potter films. Lacock A … Read More

via Nick Kontou Photography

Goodbye, Michael Scott: The top 20 Steve Carell moments on ‘The Office’ (via Geoff “DeafGeoff” Herbert)

I grew to love this show in the last year or two, and was hooked, watching reruns of all episodes. It takes a while because it isn’t the obvious humor of Seinfeld or Friends, you grow to love the characters…. This post has a collection of the best moments of Michael Scott, the central character of the show… His farewell episode broke my heart!

Steve Carell is leaving “The Office” tonight in a special extended episode. As you brace yourself for the tears, remember the laughs he brought us. Here are my favorite Michael Scott moments from the past 7 seasons: 20. The Golden Ticket Idea Michael adopts a little Willy Wonka ingenuity and hides “golden tickets” in random paper shipments. One company received all of them, getting 40% off their purchase, causing everyone in Scranton to freak out … Read More

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How Pressure and Stress Are Affecting Your Performance (via People-triggers)

Interesting post! I always thought stress and pressure pushed me to focus. This gives me a serious rethink!

How Pressure and Stress Are Affecting Your Performance Some years ago, a Princeton psychologist named Sam Glucksberg brought a group of test subjects into a room. In the room was a table positioned against a wall. On the table was a book of matches, a box of thumbtacks, and a candle. "Your job," Glucksberg told his subjects, "is to attach the candle to the wall in such a way that when it's lit, the wax will not drip onto the table. I will be timing you, and I will use your results to establish averag … Read More

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Procrastination, Productivity… Progress? (via the self-styled life)

I love this post, and it got me thinking about procrastination, perfection and productivity. I totally believe there is a correlation between procrastinating and being a perfectionist. I know I finish things, and I finish them well under pressure, so I almost start thinking that the pressure created by procrastinating is the reason I get it done. I worry that I won’t be efficient with time if I start working on something too early. Besides, when I start working on something too early, I get digressed fairly quickly reading news, blog posts (I reached this one while I started 4 days early on an essay assignment). But when there is a time crunch, I focus. Maybe I am still in my college phase (I am after all in college, although I should have grown out of it since I worked in between and all that).
Actually, as I am nearing my graduation date and I will enter the work world again, I need to use these reflections to grow out of the college phase, and become an adult—by actually focusing on doing tasks without all-nighters, being productive without the time crunch, and being perfect without losing sleep over it!

Are you guys productive and perfect? What is your secret? Comment away!

Procrastination, Productivity... Progress? Hi, my name is Jean, and I am a procrastinator. In sophomore year of my undergrad, my roommates chased me down the hall as I literally ran away from a paper that was due the next day. It's a problem, but I don’t think I’m a chronic procrastinator (at least, let's hope not–that article is Mean). Despite the antics, I always had assignments in on time, though maybe at the expense of sleep, meals or exercise. My college mantra became “I always get … Read More

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We won!!! (via Expression…Completed!)

I was going to write about the epic India-Pakistan match, but my soul sister wrote about it so magnificently, so I decided to reblog instead!

Read and enjoy (and comment on her brilliance too!)

We won!! The big day is over (Phew!) and we have emerged victorious and have marched our way to the finals where we ready ourselves to face Sri Lanka.  Offices were closed post 2 pm, there was barely a soul on the road (I was lucky to get a cab back home!) and it almost seemed like a bandh or a curfew. As I dropped by the cafeteria on my way home to pick up a coffee, I saw people from various offices in the building sitting together enjoying the … Read More

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Japan Support of the Day (via The Graphic Side of Life)

I had blogged earlier about the crisis in Japan, this post has some stunning posters that capture the situation. Take a look!

Japan Support of the Day …………………………………………. via Sofian Bouziani …………………………………………. …………………………………………. via We and the Color …………………………………………. …………………………………………. via This isn't Happiness …………………………………………. by Adam Chang by Alex Liebold …………………………………………. via … Read More

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[Flashback] Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture 2010 (via Go Katayama – Freelance Photographer in Beijing)

This post touched my heart, its has pictures from Matsushima in Japan from 2010, before the tsunami touched this beautiful place..

[Flashback] Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture 2010 I debated whether or not I should post these photos but I can’t stop but to think of Matsushima, one of the three views in Japan. Located in Miyagi Prefecture, Matsushima is a group of 260 islands, in various sizes, covered in pine trees. With the earthquake last Friday, I have seen many sources that this scenery is now gone and 600 people were killed in this area. I saw twitter feeds saying that the tsunami came through Matsushima and now it is … Read More

via Go Katayama – Freelance Photographer in Beijing

Top Ten Favorite Date Ideas (via Mrs. Dexter)

Cute post on date ideas… Feel free to add to the list!

Top Ten Favorite Date Ideas My least favorite question on date night is this: So, what do you want to do tonight? My answer? I definitely do not want to waste time figuring out what to do. Here are some of our favorite go-to ideas for when we don’t know what to do. 1.  Homemade hot drinks. For five months before Dexter and I “started dating,” we went out on “non-dates” at coffee shops. We drank mochas and talked and talked and talked. Actually, Dexter talked and talked. I t … Read More

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8 Interpretations of Silence when using Instant Messaging (via The Couch Manager)

I am always on IM, and this post talks about all likely interpretations people draw when there is a sudden silence of the other end. Great post!

8 Interpretations of Silence when using Instant Messaging I use Instant Messaging (IM) a lot in my job to manage my team and connect with friends. I love it because I have the unparalleled advantage of multi-tasking different conversations with so many people at once. Of course, it does have a few drawbacks, but overall, I still think it’s a valuable tool in the arsenal of online communication – particularly for couch managers. However, there is one pet peeve that most individuals share when using onlin … Read More

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