London for the weekend… (via Dakota .D Journal)

London is one of my favorite cities in the world, and this post has the most gorgeous pictures of London. The black and white pictures capture the magic of the city!

Oh what I would give to be back in London right now…..

London for the weekend... London was so amazing! Right now I'm back in Bordeaux, France… Reminiscing with all of the photographs I took! My favorites were the photographs I took of buildings around the city, namely Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square… They're just so… Intense and opulent. London was such an unforgettable gift! It was the biggest surprise for me this year! Actually, I received the airline tickets in the mail with a guide book, and didn't know what … Read More

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Tibet Day 7 (Lhasa – Gyantse – Shigatse) (via Adamlai’s Photoblog)

I found this photo blog through freshly pressed… The pictures took my breath away, they are the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen! And after seeing these pictures, I have made up my mind to go to Tibet ASAP!!

Tibet Day 7 (Lhasa  - Gyantse - Shigatse) After 2 days rest as Lhasa, We continue our road trip to shigatse. Scenery along Lhasa river. The beautiful Landscape and the morning sunlight make a perfect photo The prayer flag mark the site of the water burial at Lhasa river. Though not considered as prestigious as sky burial, water burial is believed to be better than putting the body in the earth. the road soon bring us to a mountain area in which the road is construct around the mountain. … Read More

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Great expectations (via Expression…Completed!)

I love this post by my BFF, primarily because it centers over what I often feel. It resonates with me more because I am people pleaser-I often end up killing myself trying to get people to like me, to appreciate the effort I take to get their approval. But it is pointless, especially because since its not out of your own volition so you might not particularly enjoy doing it, and you seek appreciation, acknowledgment or approval. And more often that, it never ever happens! And then I get to the point where I wonder how nothing I do is ever enough (something I wrote about before).

Someone  recently mentioned that we always live for others, never for ourselves. We are always striving to meet expectations of others. Have we ever stopped to think about what we want?Have we worked as hard to meet our expectations, as we strive to meet other’s expectations?It would be interesting to note that our world does indeed revolve around others. No man is an island, it is said. But does that mean, that every action needs to be centered … Read More

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The Boomerang Effect (via Marriage Gems)

This is one of my favorite blogs about marriage, and it poignantly captures what happens in most fights. The simple solution it offers is sheer brilliance!

The Boomerang Effect The all-too-common cycle of negative communication is similar to a boomerang, says marriage coach Richard Nicastro, PhD. When one partner throws out criticism, the result is usually criticism returned. That’s because criticism makes people feel defensive and uncomfortable, so the natural response is to find something to criticize back. Nicastro says he noticed during coaching sessions that when one partner took a different tack, and responded wit … Read More

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When nothing seems good enough.. (via Expression…Completed!)

I love this post by my BFF because it poignantly captures my emotions. I am reblogging it only because is almost like someone went in to my head, and tried to reason out my feelings and emotions.

In my current chapter of life, I find myself in new challenging situations or circumstances, and even with me giving my all I find it going unnoticed/ underappreciated. It frustrates you because you work really hard to manage/mitigate the situations, but nothing you do seems to be enough. And while it might be relatively easy to let go of some of the other issues, when you are going through these phases, issues pile up in your head, you find yourself overreacting to trivial comments and statements. Half the time, once I am done overreacting and I step back to see what I just did, I realise the reaction is due to the backlog of emotions. The phase of “nothing I do is good enough” is almost like an abyss, which you have to choose to climb out off, otherwise you end up sinking into it like quicksand.

And it isnt like I have a magic solution to this, its just a realisation of my feelings. You dont have a happy pill, or a “be patient, tomorrow is a new day solution”, you choose to address and solve things on your mind, communicate to people impacted by your moods and hope they are compassionate enough to understand. But I hope self-realisation is almost like a emotional map, you realise where the landmines are before you get there.

Deepu you are absolutely awesome at writing about something which captures an emotion which is hard to express, and still not preach about it from a moralistic standpoint! Bravo babe, keep writing!

There are times when you strive too hard to make something work. Sometimes you are striving to maintain a friendship,sometimes you are striving to make your boyfriend/girlfriend see light, Sometimes you are striving to mend that little tiff which you had with your spouse before you left for work in the morning, sometimes you are  striving to mend that little fight which you had with your parents at breakfast, sometimes you are striving to keep yo … Read More

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#6 New York state of mind (via Expression…Completed!)

My best friend’s wish, is my wish, which I want to share with the world….

Now that my best friend and fellow blogger Roh has moved to New York, post marriage she has been behind my life for me to come over and visit her. I have never travelled abroad and this seems like a wonderful opportunity for me to explore a city and see the city through the eyes of a localite, which in my opinion, is the best way to explore a new city. Times Square, Empire State Building, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Central Park…the list is … Read More

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And then the Bloggers met:) (via Expression…Completed!)

My meeting with my soul sister, very aptly described by her…

And then the Bloggers met:) So its like this..My fellow blogger Roh and me finally met after around 8 months!Met her during her wedding the last time around and our proverbial ‘meet-up’ (believe me readers, v tend to go a little over the top when v meet after a long time!) was not very dramatic. But this time around, we did manage to sneak in some time. With her having a trillion things to finish in her brief stay and me running between the home and doc’s clinic for check u … Read More

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The ’26 Wish-List!’ (via Expression…Completed!)

My soul sister has started her countdown to turning 26, and I want to show her support and enthusiasm (and comments??) for her post listing her “26 Wish List” by reblogging this here….

As the countdown to my 26th birthday begins, I have decided that unlike each time I am not going to just treat this wonderful month (yup, its wonderful because its me:)) like just another. My friend and fellow blogger Roh, who loves making lists (she has made one very interesting list for me which I would love to share with you readers when the right time comes!) inspires me to do this. She believes that making lists puts things and ideas into fo … Read More

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