NHS we love you! 

Not mine (found on google images)

Moving from America, you constantly hear horror stories about the medical system in UK, about the long lines and delays, the GP system is confusing, during pregnancy you see a midwife not a ob-gyn. The confusion on insurance process is an added complication- mine didn’t cover pregnancy for example.
But my whole perspective changed this week, when my 15 month old who had a cold suddenly had trouble breathing. I called 111, and they got a doctor to call me to assess the situation. The doctor heard her strained breathing and told me to call 999. The dispatcher assessed the situation in a few minutes and immediately sent an EMT over to help, staying on the line to get updates till the EMT arrived. He diagnosed her as having croup, an upper respiratory viral infection and her airways were closing so he administered the steroid that would open her airways and called for an ambulance to take us to emergency. Again, they were incredibly thorough, patient, caring and helpful. Once we got to the pediatric A&E, we had the best medical attention. They monitored us for a few hours till we were all comfortable that she was breathing well and the medicine worked. 

As scary as it was, I felt so reassured that my daughter was in the best hands, everyone was so concerned and focused on curing her. Yes at times you notice they could use more nurses, but what you also realize is the sheer volume of cases means it’s bound to be chaotic. 

The American system works brilliantly for those whose insurance covers everything but imagine if you had to worry about costs and insurance in a crisis. If a country can provide this level of care for all citizens in their moment of crisis, I am sold on their system, wait times and all.

Lots of love to NHS from our family 🙂