[Flashback] Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture 2010 (via Go Katayama – Freelance Photographer in Beijing)

This post touched my heart, its has pictures from Matsushima in Japan from 2010, before the tsunami touched this beautiful place..

[Flashback] Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture 2010 I debated whether or not I should post these photos but I can’t stop but to think of Matsushima, one of the three views in Japan. Located in Miyagi Prefecture, Matsushima is a group of 260 islands, in various sizes, covered in pine trees. With the earthquake last Friday, I have seen many sources that this scenery is now gone and 600 people were killed in this area. I saw twitter feeds saying that the tsunami came through Matsushima and now it is … Read More

via Go Katayama – Freelance Photographer in Beijing