Procrastination, Productivity… Progress? (via the self-styled life)

I love this post, and it got me thinking about procrastination, perfection and productivity. I totally believe there is a correlation between procrastinating and being a perfectionist. I know I finish things, and I finish them well under pressure, so I almost start thinking that the pressure created by procrastinating is the reason I get it done. I worry that I won’t be efficient with time if I start working on something too early. Besides, when I start working on something too early, I get digressed fairly quickly reading news, blog posts (I reached this one while I started 4 days early on an essay assignment). But when there is a time crunch, I focus. Maybe I am still in my college phase (I am after all in college, although I should have grown out of it since I worked in between and all that).
Actually, as I am nearing my graduation date and I will enter the work world again, I need to use these reflections to grow out of the college phase, and become an adult—by actually focusing on doing tasks without all-nighters, being productive without the time crunch, and being perfect without losing sleep over it!

Are you guys productive and perfect? What is your secret? Comment away!

Procrastination, Productivity... Progress? Hi, my name is Jean, and I am a procrastinator. In sophomore year of my undergrad, my roommates chased me down the hall as I literally ran away from a paper that was due the next day. It's a problem, but I don’t think I’m a chronic procrastinator (at least, let's hope not–that article is Mean). Despite the antics, I always had assignments in on time, though maybe at the expense of sleep, meals or exercise. My college mantra became “I always get … Read More

via the self-styled life