How Pressure and Stress Are Affecting Your Performance (via People-triggers)

Interesting post! I always thought stress and pressure pushed me to focus. This gives me a serious rethink!

How Pressure and Stress Are Affecting Your Performance Some years ago, a Princeton psychologist named Sam Glucksberg brought a group of test subjects into a room. In the room was a table positioned against a wall. On the table was a book of matches, a box of thumbtacks, and a candle. "Your job," Glucksberg told his subjects, "is to attach the candle to the wall in such a way that when it's lit, the wax will not drip onto the table. I will be timing you, and I will use your results to establish averag … Read More

via People-triggers


One of my more recent musings was how the world suddenly seems so much more chaotic… People don’t seem to be content anymore… There is always the drive to get the next big thing–a bigger car, a faster car, a more expensive car, a jet… How do you draw the line? When does ambition become greed?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking from a moral high-ground here.. I fall prey to the same thing, I have a good life no complaints– great apartment, a wonderful and supportive life partner, supportive family… But somehow it isn’t enough.. I moved to the United States in a recession economy, and I know its going to be a long haul before I find a job, but somehow I cant enjoy any of the things till I find some way to utilize my time… And I mean while money isn’t the key motivation, it still is a rather important part of the entire equation–I want my freedom and no guilt about my shopping sprees… I used to pride myself on not having a capitalist head–to weave away from the constant need to earn more money and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.. But my recent thoughts/feelings prove otherwise…

So what exactly changed? Was it peer pressure or being embarrassed to say you are taking time off your work? Or is it the feeling of empowerment, of being able to buy whatever whenever without any guilt?

When I see/read about my forefathers, they struggled to make ends meet, but once they provided for their families/bought a house… they were content, they enjoyed simple things like a stroll in the park or playing scrabble at home….

Has our generation lost out the feeling of contentment in the race to get the next best thing?